Healing Methods

The spiritual is higher than the psychic, as love is greater than power
and wisdom is superior to intelligence.
- Michael Grosso; 'Frontiers of the Soul'

            Healing is the process of recovery from a perceived negative experience which may be physical or emotional. The feeling of recovery is a basic instinct we have towards our well being. The type of wounds we receive during a lifetime vary from person to person due to personal, social, cultural and religious environments. A common factor with all types of wounds is the realization of loss which results in fear followed by pain. Pain is the experience of suffering we go through when we are hurt. The treatment we receive is the cure or the slowdown of the injury or illness.

The wounds of a physical nature may be treated through normal medical means. But those of an emotional type require an open-minded treatment as feelings of neglect, abuse, shock, and/or loss of a loved one are a personal issue. For the purpose of this page, I shall discuss certain basic healing methods in relation to the emotional state of a person. Unfortunately I can't discuss all of them as every person is different and what may work for me might not work for you and vice versa.


One of the most common problems the human society faces is a lack of communication. That's because the vocabulary of mankind is self-centered. The individual thought we are taught since birth prevents expression and creates an opportunity for oppression. Certain words in our vocabulary have a certain sound resulting in a positive or negative effect. We assume the use of certain words because everyone uses them. Words with a negative effect are used in our daily lives without realizing the consequences taking place. I guess that if we tried to eliminate certain words such as "...hate, money, sin, stupid, superior, control, mine...etc...," we could see some changes within our individual thoughts. It's easy to say and hard to do. But it's never too late to change.

In many personal relationships communication is also a major problem. In the majority of cases ignoring the feelings of your partner causes unnecessary friction in the relationship. All that's needed is for one of the partners to observe the other. It's very easy to detect and observe the behavior of your partner. If you try to change someone so that person may become part of you, you create a friction that will eventually express itself one way or another. In a relationship it's very important not only how much love you give, but also which type of love you accept.


Meditation is the state of tranquility we use in reaching or regaining spiritual balance. This method may be used for other purposes, but in this case I'll be referring to the spiritual balance of a person.

Since the driving force of mankind is based on wealth and not personal well-being, we feel stressed due to the pressure surrounding us. In general terms, stress is an intense emotion we feel when we are pressured by others to help solve their problem(s). This may be work-related or personal. However, we aggravate the stress at work by bringing personal problems into it. Personal problems should be dealt separately as work-related stress is a separate issue. The best method to deal with stress is meditation, which is the relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, bringing spiritual balance or the regaining of energy. Once this is achieved, then we have a fresh view in how do deal with daily situations.

A common posture in meditation is the lotus position. That's the most recommended as it's the most effective. But relaxation may be achieved in other ways such as creative meditation where the person imagines himself/herself in a blissful state for the purpose of inspiration or healing. Another way is what I refer to as movement meditation such as Tai Chi.

There are many healing methods available to each one of us. Identifying which one is right for you is the rediscovery of who you are and what you need. Healing is in Nature itself and in each one of us. Some other types of healing methods are briefly described below.

Reiki Reiki - the use of the energy from within with nonintrusive therapeutic touch. A Reiki practitioner is a person aware of the Universal Life Force and his/her own aura Auric Body.
Shiatsu - it's a type of massage where fingers are used in those areas also used by acupuncture. This type of massage is also referred as acupressure.
Aromatherapy - the use of smells through potions is an ancient custom. Certain smells trigger the healing from within.
Herbal medicine - the use of plants for external or internal purposes is an ancient knowledge and a well-known fact. The use of plants differs from culture to culture, continent to continent.
Crystals & Minerals Crystals & Minerals - every crystal or gemstone has a particular property in enhancing or recovering our energies.

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