Auric Body

The way to become human is to learn to recognize the lineaments of God
in all the wonderful modulations of the face of man.
- Joseph Campbell; 'The hero with a thousand faces'

            The Aura is the energy the Soul emanates. Some people refer to this as electromagnetic energies. This is suspended around the human body in an oval shaped field referred to as the "auric body." The size of the auric body differs from person to person due to the level of spiritual growth that person is experiencing or the type of awareness they have. It's an energy field that exists while we are alive.

The importance of our Aura cannot be ignored as it's in constant exchange with all forms of energy whether man-made or natural. At the same time it reveals the health and emotional state of a person. People with the ability of clairvoyance can read a person like a book as the Aura contains the past, present and future thoughts, as well as the feelings and actions that a person has. Aurically, we all give and take what we need without question or conscious recognition, from whatever energy source is in close contact.

The human energy field is composed of the seven auric bodies which are translucent and colorful, appearing much like the colors in a rainbow, only more subtle in intensity. Below is a table of all auric bodies with a brief description including an estimate size of each layer, starting from the closest to the physical self and ending with the outermost layer.

Physical Auric Body
(~1.35 inches)
It's the closest to the body and represents the health of a person. The physical auric body is detected  through Kirlian photography which was invented by the Russian scientists Valentina and Semyon Kirlian.
Etheric Auric Body
(~0.95-3.80 inches)
It's also called "the etheric double" due to it's unique characteristic as a dual layer. The first layer is an exact duplicate of the physical self. The second one is a mass of energy that encompasses the first one and represents the eternal self. At the moment of death, the etheric double and its auric emanations (the second layer) accompany the individual to other levels of awareness in the Astral Plane.
Vital Auric Body
(~1.90-11.35 inches)
This is the true life-force, as it's the only layer of the aura that radiates energy and absorbs it from the surrounding environment. The other layers in the aura only absorb energy. Emotions are felt at this level.
Astral Auric Body
approx. 60cm
(~22.75 inches)
This is the largest layer and it's created from the emanations from the astral body, which is where a person stores their complete past and present life story. It's often the first place where the experiences of 'good' or 'bad' create an effect.
True Love, the eternal type, occurs when the astral auric body molds two auras into one.
Lower Mental Auric Body
(~1.50-7.55 inches)
The lower mental layer displays a person's abilities on the intellectual level. Mental illness causes a lack of symmetry to the oval shape of the lower mental aura.
Higher Mental Auric Body
approx. 60cm
(~22.75 inches)
This layer contains the energies that supply us with our higher mind functioning capabilities. It is our intellectual link with the Creator. This is the place where our higher self dwells. It has direct access to Universal Knowledge which anyone can draw upon to enhance talents and to balance the mind, body and spirit.
When spirit communication is taking place, the entity stimulates the higher mental layer of the aura, causing it to radiate in various colors. These colors reflect the nature of the entity, whether it's a deceased relative, a soulmate from a previous lifetime or a Spirit Guide.
Spiritual Auric Body This layer is referred as the link to God or Creator, as it draws to a person the Universal Life Force necessary in the physical realm.

As previously stated, the Auric Body is the human energy field, and is comprised of many colors. To find out more about this, please check the Auric Colors page Auric Colors. This energy field is in turn comprised of whirlpools of energy which process and distribute incoming energy as well as release outgoing energy. These whirlpools are referred to as Chakras.

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