If people live with the mission to perfect their spirits and obtain insight and knowledge
through their mistakes, they lead lives for which they are destined.
- The Talmud of Jmmanuel 18:51

            The word Karma derives from Sanskrit, meaning "action, effect." According to Esoteric thought, it's the doctrine of inevitable consequence which in Hinduism and Buddhism is the principle of retributive justice determining a person's state of life, and the state of his/her deeds.

This is a Cognate Effect just like reincarnation, NDE or OBE. It's a meaning of the effect of the present which methamorphises the future. This is part of the Journey of a Soul. Karma for some reason has been interpreted as a negative effect being repeated in different cycles. Despite the high number of positive experiences in each lifetime, negative effects stand out due to our awareness. Projecting this thought of Karma into the next level - 4th Dimensional Thought - derives an understanding of the 'process' taking place, and a new definition is created bringing the refinement of the Universal Thought.

Karmic effect is a "process" taking place which everyone may be part of regardless of name, title or pride. Freedom of will and thought are for everyone to share in spiritual evolvement. But when an extreme action occurs a new reaction takes place and this may implicate others in addition to oneself. In other words, when pain transforms into hatred or obsession, a negative effect is created which in turn creates a chain reaction of future events. If this extreme lasts for too long, then it will create a karmic effect that will emerge in other lifetimes. It is never too late to ask for forgiveness! We all know the Truth and we don't intend to hurt each other. Acknowledgments of pain caused by and/or inflicted on others is required through communication or the release of negative feelings which in turn reveals the True Self of the Being. During our various lifetimes, friendships are created when emotions intersect with the feelings of others. Personal differences can create small (or not-so-small) challenges in relationships. But when an extreme takes place, feelings can transform to cause a Karmic Effect - particularly when the other person(s) acknowledges the issue.

Sometimes a repetition of a lifetime with roles reversed is required for a lesson to be Understood. But isn't Life and experience and not just a lesson? A repetition of this cycle reconfirms the karmic effect taking place. In other instances, entirely new circumstances can bring forth the same Karmic challenge. But in any lifetime, forgiveness negates the karmic effect. In general, people attribute karma to actions, but that's not entirely true because karma is anything that opposes your heart's Will. All you have to do to prevent karma is follow your Heart, as it never lies.

The answer in preventing such a change taking place lies in the expressions of each individual. The expression of a Thought is the expression of a Feeling which is answered through Understanding. However, looking from above we can determine that the driving force that the human specie has - power - creates territorial and/or individual disputes. For most, the acquisition of wealth (which can bring power) becomes their central focus in a human lifetime. When this changes, the karmic effect diminishes into history. The present is already the change taking place for a New Thought to reemerge into a New Era or Level of Awareness.

The karmic effect is related to reincarnation, but they shouldn't be confused as karma is an "effect of blockage" in a lifetime and reincarnation is the experience that a Being chooses for the purpose of Understanding and Growth. The so-called "positive" karma is an experience that can sometimes result in the finalization of a mission two or more people once had. "Positive" karma is more in relation to Universal Purpose via a reincarnation process that may be required. It all depends on the type of questions you have. Generalized questions receive vague answers. So, specifics are very important.

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