To be for one day entirely at leisure is to be for one day an immortal.
- Chinese proverb

            If you are an observer and know that you are intangible, then basically you are just an animation of light. This is energy. This animation may be translated into Latin as Anima, and it's known by most people as the Soul.The Soul is not the Spirit, but it is that by which the Spirit is known. It is intangible due to the refined Energy oscillating at different frequencies and varying densities. The vibrations that a Soul emanates is referred to as Aura. The Life of a Soul is Eternal, as our physical counterparts are transient.

So, what is your physical counterpart? If we think bigger than ourselves, and think of the world as Virtual Reality (VR), then our tangible humanoid form is like a tightly sealed elastic body suit, and what holds it together are seven big buttons (chakras) and many smaller ones. In some ways it could also be said that the physical self is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the Inner Self. It's so well created that the physical self is a reflection of the Inner Self as the Creator.

The concept of AI is not only a technological innovation, but also an organic reality. Whether it's organic or a mixture of things, it's up to you.

Did you know that the energy filling your body weights only 21 grams?

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