Understanding Happiness

All our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling.
- Blaise Pascal

Love everything you can. Love everyone you can.
Focus only on things you love, feel love, and you
will experience that love and joy coming back to
you - multiplied! The law of attraction must send you
back more things to love. As you radiate love, it will
appear as though the entire Universe is doing everything
for you, moving every joyful thing to you, and moving
every good person to you. In truth, it is.
- The Secret

            Understanding Happiness is a process that each individual goes through in order to redefine the needs of our feelings. This process creates various interpretations due to the level of awareness each person has, and because of this each definition is different. Since most interpretations are based on personal desires, most people overlook the simplicity of our feelings by setting conditions or rules based on social, cultural and religious beliefs. Debating the doubt behind Existence and Singularity results in the loneliness we feel towards each other in not knowing who we really are inside. This lack of knowledge creates a negative effect. The opposite is happiness. So what is Happiness?

Some people think that career achievements, fame and shiny objects are what they seek in life. But that type of happiness is only a transient sensation we get in a particular moment in time. This sensation only represents our potential in creating the physical reality we seek. On the other hand, Spiritual Happiness is an Eternal Thought and Feeling we are Born with regardless of who we are or what we do. This type of happiness is also known as Love. Without Love there is no Creation. The effect of Love is manifested in earthly terms through giving birth, true marriage, goodwill, and so forth. However, the definition of Love varies from person to person. To some extent that's only an illusion because each variation is not different. The so-called difference is the vocabulary we use in expressing ourselves.

A major obstacle to mankind's spiritual progress and healing is the definition of Love which man unfortunately divides into two categories. The first definition of Love is what people accept because they believe that is all they can attain. But the second type of Love is what we call Divine. Why can't mankind accept that we are part of Divinity? The ironic thing about Divine Love is that it's a contradiction to what most of mankind believes - that we are not worthy. Everything surrounding us - including ourselves - is part of the Transcendental Absolute.

So why do people settle for a lesser type of love? Most people discover and accept love without Understanding the changes required to fully be part of it. True Love is a Force whose magnitude is the reason for our struggle. And the more we try to reach it, the more our love towards each other, Nature and the Universe becomes part of it, with fewer and fewer differences.

True Love is the same as Love, but with no conditions. Conditions such as age, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, wealth, color or physical attributes are only of an earthly nature and irrelevant when feeling the intensity of the Love from the Highest. Examples of True Love are very rare on earth as people tend to confuse the meaning of it with maternal love, great friendships, relationships and even religion. Confusion of this nature is due to personal attachments we have when experiencing something wonderful. We look to those we Love to mirror the best of ourselves, but then we often try to change aspects we may not like so much. This can create tension. If we can love our children unconditionally when they are small, then we can love them as adults by respecting their individuality. If we can love our friends during good times, then we can love them during bad times by offering a helping hand - a friend in need is a friend in deed. The fear of loneliness can result in obsessive or even dangerous personal attachements. Many problems in the human society are due to a lack of communication which prevents the true expression of an individual.

Communication derives from thought and what the Heart feels. The social disorder we have today is largely a result of the inability to communicate. The type of disorder I'm referring to results from ignorance towards each other and Nature. There are many types of social disorders. Two of the most common ones are obsession and depression. Obsession is a desperate desire you think exists. On the other hand, depression is the feeling of isolation. Depression is a complicated issue that can be triggered by many factors in life. Modern psychologists' attempts to categorize different states of depression are too generalized. One cause of the pain brought on by depression is the mores set by the society which may not mesh with the True Feelings of the members of that society. Some other factors involved in triggering feelings of rejection or isolation are normally experienced in relationships. An example of this is when one of the partners is afraid of revealing their true feelings because it will hurt the other. Another example is the rejection of avant-garde thought which hurts idealistic people.

There are many types of depression and describing each case is impossible. However, a common procedure in recovering from this is the reevaluation and redefining of our emotional values. This may take some time. But it's never too late change and to start a new life. Loving someone or something is a free gift that each one of us can give. What most people don't seem to realize is that when you give Love, you are never lonely. The feeling of True Love is the feeling of warmth, peace and abundance that provides instant healing to the wounded Soul.

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