Understanding the Planetary Myth

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

The only myth that is going to be worth thinking about
in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet.
- Joseph Campbell

            What do we expect from this New Myth that we seek? In my opinion, in an environment of tribal awareness - as the earth is now - the Hero of every myth eventually becomes a religious figure, usually evolved from an existing one. There are more than 10,000 practicing religions worldwide, and the numbers are increasing every day. More people have perished in religious conflicts than in any other type (economic/political). Every religion is based on a small number of heroes. Do we want a new religion?

Just as Joseph Campbell said, I feel that the only myth that will be worth thinking about in the near future will be one that talks about the planet, and I think that in this myth everyone must be the hero. Earth is our only home. We all must be Heroes if We want to survive. In becoming heroes, we can heal the planet that others neglected.

In a society of tribal awareness, inherited fears become conditions to maintain security. Technological progress was inevitable, but the spiritual evolvement of the human being has been very slow. In every generation we keep on saying that children are the future, and as a result very little changes. Biologically speaking, our children are indeed our future. But, how can a child know what to create if we (adults) teach them our worst fears? How can a child know what to create if the adult role models are irresponsible toward other human beings and the planet? We have to take responsibility for the future.

We as adults have the power to teach our children by being loving, compassionate, and responsible members of the society. Isn't that a reflection of all the Gods of earthly religions? We can also teach our children that the terrors of the past are not conditions in designing the future. Justice is not revenge, but reform. We, the people of the present, must be the change we wish to see. The Future should not be based on the phobia of neglect - wars, starvation... I feel that our children and their children will love us even more if we give them a loving future in which to create and play. Otherwise, societies based on blame and shame will continue.

To me, the Planetary Myth could be referred to as the Collective Human or Global Human. In a self-centered conditional society, the Vision of the Planetary Human seems like a paradox. But, the idea of Collective Consciousness is not an elusive Vision; we can achieve this state of awareness within our own lifetime, and our children can continue to perfect it in generations to come.

This Planetary Myth can be real if we acknowledge that Heaven is everything this Universe has to offer and not a condition for worthiness. In this way, the concept of the Collective Human will be based on an entirely New Thought that encompasses the spirituality of every person - with no conditions. To some people, this might sound like a dream. Risk is the infinite possibility of success, as the Creator cannot lose. How real is the Vision of the Planetary Human? The answer is as real as we want it to be - NOW.

A number of people and organizations around the globe embrace the Vision of the Planetary Human. One such group is The Venus Project The Venus Project. They have graciously agreed to let us post one of their essays on this Web site. Learn more by reading this work, titled Resource Based Economy Resource Based Economy.

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