Holographic Meditation

            Meditation is a state of being in which you find no reason to complain. It's a state that re-energizes your spiritual self, and for the most part people use this for Healing purposes. Quite a lot of people practice Visual or Holographic Meditation in which they visualize the color of energy of which they are in short supply, and in doing so they re-balance themselves. The same method can be used in visualizing that you are part of something greater than yourself.

The following exercise is a Holographic Meditation in which you will realize that you, as a Being, are part of something greater than yourself - a planet, galaxy, or beyond. You don't have to be an astronaut to see the planet from outer space.

The following Holographic Meditation was the introduction to a Liquid Mind seminar I presented in Portland (Oregon, U.S.A.).

In order to start this exercise, please find a time and place where you can be quiet and at peace. Personally, I recommend that you listen to some soothing music that you like, and ask another person to slowly read the the meditation to you. Allow yourself to follow the text and you'll find yourself in a land of discovery.

Take a deep Breath
and Relax,
Slowly close your eyes,
Take another deep breath
Slowly … slow the thoughts that
come to mind.
Slow them …
And slowly … slowly
you reach a state where
there is NO sound and NO silence,
You’re in Inner Bliss - Nirvana.

The Energy you feel
makes you glow all over.
With your physical eyes closed,
Slowly visualize looking at your
most dominant hand,
Open it
and notice you are holding something,
You are in complete comfort.

As you look at your hand,
A wire-frame spherical object - the size of a tennis ball,
appears floating in your hand.
As it slowly rotates,
textures appear all over the sphere.

As you look
closer at these textures,
You realize that you see oceans … continents
and clouds,
You Feel this is a planet,
You Feel and Know
it's your present home - Earth - Gaia.
It’s OK if you're surprised
by what you see.
Most people don't expect
to see Earth in their hand …

Slowly …
lift your hand
with Earth slowly spinning.
Position the hand
in front of your face - to eye level,
Breathe … and Relax …
Open Your Heart and Mind
to the infinite possibility of Happiness - Bliss
Slowly …
visualize your 3rd Eye Open,
And it's done.
The small planet
in your hand,
Moves slowly toward your
3rd Eye,
And slowly… it
becomes the 3rd Eye.

Enjoy the sensation …
and let yourself relax.

The small blue world
that became your 3rd Eye,
is now
dissolving into the Energy you animate
every second.
This world is Your world …
This is You.

Slowly… open your eyes
and do not close the 3rd Eye
because You're Alive.
In this state we will try
to understand a Vision
Greater than ourselves...

– The Planetary Human and Beyond –

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