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            Why are humans usually gripped with fear at the thought of aliens? Some of the scariest movies ever made deal with alien life-forms. On the other hand, so do some of the most inspiring films, such as ET, Star Wars, Starman, and the Star Trek series. The idea of ETs has intrigued humanity for millennia, but how many of us would really try to understand an alien intelligence?

An alien intelligence is presently referred to by science as an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE). The words alien and extraterrestrial were only invented in the 20th century, just a few decades ago. Before that time these beings were refered by the religions (philosophies of successive restrictions) as demons or angels. It all depended on the first impression of the contactee and/or priesthood agenda. So, what are these beings and why are they coming here?

In order to understand this question, let's briefly look at human behavior. If you live in New York (U.S.A.), then why do you want to go to Orlando in Florida, or Amsterdam, Madrid, Bucharest, Athens, Cairo, Mumbay, Melbourne, and so on? As a human being you want to go to these places because you are curious and want to experience something new. The same could apply to an alien life-form that chooses to visit our world.

Since the religions of man are based on fears and strongly reject change or adaptation, science became the only avant-garde philosophy where research and development merged into pragmatic applications. When faced with extrasolar life-forms, science theorized parallel evolutionary paths with the added benefit of an early start. All this was theorized on the assumption that these aliens lived in a world similar to Earth - distance from their star, gases in the atmosphere, water, carbon, and so forth. So just like the religions of man, science humanized alien life-forms. In doing so it limits itself from discovering new possibilities of existence. Imaginative worlds exist both because they have evolved differently and because they have adopted innovative ideas.

So, what are these extraterrestrials? If an alien life-form can travel from one side of the galaxy to another in just one Earth second , then clearly they are not using human-type modes of transport, indicating perhaps that Einstein missed something in his theory of relativity. For his time, Einstein was certainly a visionary genius. If these beings can communicate through thought projection (telepathy) and move or levitate objects, then their understanding of reality is far different than our own.

Their seemingly "advanced technologies" have the ability to intimidate because we are incapable of mimicking or reverse engineering their technologies. But, we need to understand that their technologies are based on scientific concepts that are very different from our own, and in some ways they are no more advanced technologically than we are.

Since both science and religion have failed in defining Extraterrestrials (ETs) as separate and markedly different entities, we need to consider the possibility of using a new term - Supraterrestrial Intelligences (STIs, or STs - Supraterrestrials).

Supraterrestrials should not be confused with ghosts, because ghosts are localized, earthly wanderers. A supraterestrial is a being that identifies itself with the collective consciousness that species created, has and uses ESP abilities, can fold space/time and travel in a few Earth seconds through a wormhole between galaxies, and/or move between realities (dimensions) through a form of teleportation. A being of this kind may evolve on worlds whose environment seems hostile for human life. The air we breathe, the oxygen we take for granted may feel like sulfuric acid on the skin of a supraterrestrial. And that's one reason some wear space suits (and appear as astronauts) when making physical contact with human beings.

So, if supraterrestrials are "dimensional beings," then how can humanity make contact? I would like to take this occassion to propose a new program that will redefine SETI as SSTI - the Search for Supraterrestrial Intelligences.

Search for Supraterrestrial Intelligence (SSTI)

Presently we have a program called SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that is only partially operational due to economic, political and/or military reasons. The purpose of SETI is to search for radio waves (signals) that were artificially created outside of the Earth. With today's sophisticated technologies we can scan the equivalent of 250 million channels in the sky. It sounds impressive. But SETI will work only if we assume that an alien species monitors radio waves to receive and return the signal. Why would an alien being still use radio waves (lower frequencies) in communicating with others from different worlds if telepathy or holographic projections (higher frequencies) are much faster and more efficient? The only time when radio signals are used by an alien species is when it's at a similar evolutionary path as humanity, or perhaps a bit more primitive.

With this in mind some skeptics say that it's a waste of time to search for ETs because they don't exist. But instead of us trying to find them, what are the chances of them finding us? There is a very high probability that they may already have, since there are literally billions of planets in our galaxy alone. And if a few million had intelligent life that mastered space travel, then we could confidently say that we are not alone. Since diversity is the key to evolution, we'll have to assume that there are many unknown and intelligent species in the Universe. Therefore numerous alien intelligences that have the ability of interstellar travel could be (and probably are) visiting this planet, and each has a different purpose, according to the awareness forming their Collectives. With beings from evolved dimensions, their abilities or powers would be so amazing/great that to most humans they would seem to be supernatural. Detecting their presence would mean incorporating unconventional methods that orthodox science rejects. Such methods would include remote viewing, astral projection, telepathic scanning, and so forth....

If you are an evolved being from a stellar dimension who has the ability/capability to travel between galaxies, then most likely you'll use a different type of energy that will allow you to travel and communicate with others of similar awareness. What would it be like to use higher energy waves? For one thing, UFOs would become Unidentified High Energy Objects (UHEOs) and alien intelligences could be categorized according to their understanding and use of energy sources. With this in mind, our visible human spectrum would be irrelevant.

Let's examine this more in depth by looking at the light/energy spectrum:

High energy frequencies are similar to light but of shorter wavelength and higher number of oscillations per second. The opposite applies to short energy frequencies. Energy is emitted as particles or waves via what humans refer to as radiation. Radiation can be either electrical, magnetic, or a combination of the two. The latter is known as electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The currently known range of this radiation is referred as the electromagnetic spectrum, shown in the diagram above. Normal humans "see" within a very narrow range of this spectrum, referred to as "visible light."

The colors that the normal human eye sees are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Light waves above or below those spectrums appear invisible to humans. But are they? We know that many reptiles have the ability to see in infrared, while other creatures including bats, long-range migratory birds, and sea mammals such as dolphins and whales use sonar to help them nagivate. Man-made instruments can detect higher frequencies used for medical (x-rays) or astronomical purposes (UV, gamma and cosmic). What would it be like if we could see in the Near UV or higher spectrums? Our reality would be far different from the tangible present, and you might conclude that our perceived world is just an illusion.

For the most part, supraterrestrials choose not to be detected by humans. It's because many primitive species tend to look at supraterrestrials from a religious point of view without understanding the evolution required to reach that level of Awareness Awareness. In most cases supraterrestrials use Remote Influencing (RI) to disguise their presence on Earth. This should not be confused with invisibility; remote influencing is a form of telepathy in which the entity projects onto people whatever they want to believe. This enables many alien species to move freely among humans without being detected.

Planetary Collectives

One concept humanity needs to accept in order to successfully explore the Cosmos is the benefit of living in a Collective Archetype. This is only an abstract thought to mankind, who for the most part continues to exist in tribal awareness. The Heaven that every earthly religion dreams of is the least understood concept by the humanity of today. Humanity conceives heaven to be a place of personal opulence where you are surrounded by everyone you want, but where Earth itself is not included. Is this type of Heaven a linear reality? Heaven itself is everything the Universe has to offer. Explore more about Interdependence Interdependence.

The mistake people make in regard to planetary collectives is that they associate collectives with religious or military oppressions that were previously experienced by humans. Redefining mythology through a Planetary Myth Planetary Myth is a simple way of raising Collective Consciousness. Humanity will not succeed in exploring the Universe in an imaginative way as long as it doesn't know its own identity or purpose for existence. For mankind to achieve a reality that includes Collective Consciousness, science and religion will need to be redefined for a common purpose. Once this has been achieved, then mankind will be physically able to become Astral Travelers. Would the Human Collective be the same as collectives from other solar systems?

If mankind realizes and implements a Collective Consciousness, this doesn't mean that it will be the same as others in the Universe. The differences between Collectives are the Visions and fears that alien intelligences create. Visions, like purpose, are singular, while dreams are plural. It's ironic to think that on Earth the only large, established Collectives are created by insects like ants and bees. Humanity is still searching for the answers that are all around us.

The Collectives established by alien species are different from each other, as are their moral and ethical codes. They live to better themselves as well as to maintain the survival of their species. Since they come from many variations of habitable planets, their behavioral patterns and codes of ethics would probably be very different from our own.


Life in the Universe is abundant, as it is on the Earth. Some of these life-forms could be related as the Universe is ours to explore and enjoy - Generational Spaceships Generational Spaceships. Continuously questioning whether there is life in the Universe outside Earth reveals an ignorance toward our own planet, Nature and ourselves. At the same time, people fear what they can't understand. Let's face it, many people fear even Earthly wildlife because they feel disconnected from what the planet has to offer. Consequently, it makes sense that people fear stellar life-forms in a Universe that most people can't even begin to imagine. Is this fear used as an excuse by mankind to avoid a role we're not ready to accept? Fear profits Man of nothing. We are never alone.

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