Aurora Paradox

It seems at times we are enemies.
But the balance of nature indicates we are all related.
They are all my brothers.
- Doc Tate Nevaquaya (Comanche Native American)

           Beyond the Boundary of Time and Space, down...down into the Abyss of Thy Soul, into a Universe of no sound and no silence, into a Dimension common to others, lies the Revelation of an Awesome Beauty, where the past and future are intertwined into the present.

Beyond the Boundary of Human Understanding, into a dimension within another, Thy Universe is revealed through the Tears of a bursting Joy for Life, where no Being is a Hero but an Entity of an Ancient Vision. A Vision whose Voyage is the Thought and Feeling of every Being that reaches to the last Frontier of Thought. A place where not many people venture, as the Truth is an Encyclopedia of dogma.

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Aurora Paradox
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