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Physical characteristics: vitreous colourless, gree, blue, yellow, pink, etc.; a transparent or translucent mineral of different colors that consists of fluoride of calcium and its used as a flux and in the making of opalescent an opaque glasses.

It helps unveil subconscious blocks and bring out creativity. It's the 'concentration' stone.

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Physical characteristics: aluminium silicate; a brittle and more or less transparent usually red silicate mineral that has a vitreous luster.

Assists in lower navel and base chakra development of conscionable sense of determination. It brings focus and order, helps dissolveconfussion, subtle guide to peace and clarity of mind.

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Physical characteristics: metallic yellow.

Transmits solar, masculine energies to assist in stabilization and grounding of all systems.

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Physical characteristics: metallic/earthly gray, red.

Excellent healer. Very grounding stone when your mind is 'not your own'.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with impurities; an opaque cryptocrystalline quartz of any several colors - green chalcedony, blackish green, brownish, and sometimes red.

This is the 'stone of the Mother Earth'.

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