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            The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient system of Chinese wisdom, often referred to in oracular divination. The concept consists of 64 hexagrams of solid and broken lines that are formed from variations of eight trigrams that combine on the horizontal and vertical axis of earthly reality. A hexagram is determined by the results of tossing three coins three times, or tossing fifty yarrow sticks. Each hexagram has a meaning that must be interpreted by the inquirer.

The I Ching represents an entire philosophy based on the idea of a unified, cyclical universe, in which the future develops according to fixed laws and numbers. There is no "coincidence" or "chance," but causality. The I Ching shows the possibilities when the mature, superior being is in harmony with the flow of Yin and Yang energy. The symbols of the I Ching reveal a high moral, social, and political code. The eight trigrams are seen below.

The I Ching does not give ultimate answers, but forces the inquirer to look for answers within. It reflects an instant in time, and shows likely outcomes if various options are taken. As a teacher, it instructs pupils in how superior beings would respond to certain situations. Like the Tarot, the I Ching requires intuitive thought, and awareness of the ebb and flow of energy throughout the Universe. Eight of the hexagrams can be seen below.

Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung appreciated the I Ching for its demonstration of the synchronicity principle, represented by the random tossing of the coins or sticks and their meaningful association with events.

To learn how to throw and interpret the I Ching, click on the coins below.

Suggested books: A Guide To The I Ching by Carol K. Anthony A Guide To The I Ching by Carol K. Anthony.

Throwing the I Ching

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