Oh Great Spirit who dwells in the sky,
lead us to the path of peace and understanding,
let us live together as brothers and sisters.
- Indian Prayer for Peace

           Since the dawn of man, nature played with the perception of the living, bringing the awareness of the Cosmogonic cycle. This playful act triggered a curiosity in understanding certain synchronicities that created a pattern. The pattern of destinies brought awe and wonder to those who feared the unknown. Mystical was the experience of the future, as the means of prediction was the Understanding of the mesmeric phenomena being manifested in everything that lived.

The Freedom of Awareness that some people had, together with the observation and respect for Nature, gave certain people the ability to read the destinies of others. This ability created precognitive sciences which included clairvoyancy, astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, and many others. Predicting someone's future was a serious task in the past, as any mistakes resulted in the execution of the psychic person. But how about predicting the future of a nation or civilization? This ability in contemplating the Future is a bafflement to mankind's consciousness. Could this experience be witnessed by anyone? And if so, then what signs would that person reveal?

The answer lies in the Heart and Soul of every individual, as everyone has the potential to reach that level of freedom. Freedom can never be questioned, as the Imagination of a Being living in a particular dimension/plane is endless. However, the open-mindedness of a person will always have a limit due to the present scientific or religious doctrination. If for instance Mr. X is an open-minded person, but with a religious tendency, then the future he predicts will have a religious meaning towards a particular religious doctrine.

Therefore, the prediction of each individual will always be different due to each person's level of open-mindedness. Removing individual blockages or ignorance is the ultimate goal in predicting the future for ourselves and for mankind, as every individual plays a key role in the society. No matter what we are, where we live, we will always affect the lives of the ones who surround us, and that's what makes each of us a candidate for prophecy. The power of prophecy/prediction is the breakthrough from the present interception of Thought. The Thought of the Soul is the Life that we live in - our Present. A Life of Opulence. A Life where the Thought is the Wish, and the Wish is the Accomplishment.

In this chapter I shall describe the process taking place in certain precognitive sciences, and how this combined with nature may provide an insight into the type of mission we chose in life.

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