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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with other polymorphs of silica; lustrous with transparency / translucency.

Enhances truth and brings forth understanding. Helps to see the crystalline structure within us.

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Physical characteristics: transparent to translucent blue-green.

Harmonizes ativities of heart and throat chakras, therefore assisting in establishing balanced emotional expressions. It's used in balancing energy, harmony and universal love.

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Physical characteristics: fossil resin from cone bearing trees; lustrous yellow, brown, yellowish-white.

It purifies the mind, body and spirit. Spiritualizes the intellect and has very powerful protective qualities.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with ferric iron; light purple to dark purple.

Soothing and calming to the mind and thought forms. Helps disperse migraines and insomnia. Excellent for meditation and enhances psychic abilities.

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Physical characteristics: combination of Amethyst and Citrine.

If used properly during meditation, it can help one reach higher states of consciousness quickly. It disperses negativity from the aura and fills the voids with energizing and stabilizing qualities of 'pure white light' energy.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with impurities of mica, hematite, etc.; vitreous lustrous green, etc.

Balances the masculine and feminine energies that every individual has. Aids in clearing the body of stress, anxiety, fear and problems arising from these energies.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with impurities; slightly translucent to sub-translucent lustrous green with small spots of red jasper.

Aids in cleansing and strengthening circulatory system; strengthens immune system, thereby impacting upn all physical modalities of well-being.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with impurities; transparent to lustrous pale to deep red, brownish-red, red-to-brown.

Aids and strengthens vital organs. Aids in tissue regeneration. Provides the ability to see into one's true self and enhances positive aspects.

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Physical characteristics: vitreous earthly green, blueish-green, blue.

Promotes harmony and attunement to the earth. It has high copper content which assists in aiding arthritis and stimulates blood flow.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with nickel oxide impurities; lustrous transparent to translucent apple-green.

Balances the yin-yang energy. Acceptance of self and others.

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Physical characteristics: silicone dioxide with colloidal iron hydrates; yellow to gold to brownish-gold quartz.

Helps release cloudy thoughts, bringing joy and happiness, dispelling anxieties and fears. Helps one to feel able to go forth.

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Clear Quartz

Physical characteristics: alpha-silicone dioxide; vitreous.

Amplifies thought forms. Releases all colors of the rainbow making it an excellent balancer on all levels. Excellent for meditation. Aids connection to Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

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Physical characteristics: clear, hardest natural substance known, most valuable natural stone; a native crystalline carbon that is usually nearly colorless, that when transparent and free from flaws is highly valued as a precious stone.

The stone of Universal Truth. Meditation on the futility of material possession, spiritual awareness, willpower and courage.

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Physical characteristics: crystal with chromium; transparent to translucent with vitreous luster and color emerald green.

The stone for smooth and calming experience. Meditation on love, balance, self-esteem, memory, inspiration, intuitive, spiritual growth.

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