Silence is the true language of cosmic adoration.
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

           The mythological meaning of the Hero saving his missing link, whether it may be the True Love towards a person or country, is seldom interpreted as a fairy tale. The Beauty of fairy tales is the opposite to what we are - our attitudes. The other interpretation that very few people understand and accept is the synchronized dream we all share in a subjective form. The subjective meaning of the mythological symbolism is felt by every Being whose Consciousness is Ready - civilized Being. It Feels that the Soul already knows what needs to be achieved, and its repetition brings the Change that Creates the Future.

When a Soul reaches a level of evolvement in which the ignorance of one plane is eliminated as from the others, then the physical body is the resemblance of the Spiritual Body at the highest degree of Evolvement. It is the Level that very few people fully comprehend the True Meaning of. Most Beings of this plane or similar discover and accept this Level without Understanding the Changes required to be part of it. This Understanding is the Journey of a Soul through an unknown number of mystical planes. It's the Beginning of the Life that was prophecised.

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