Dream States

Everything that takes place at a particular moment in time
has a quality associated with that moment.
- Carl Gustav Jung

            As previously stated, everybody has dreams regardless of where we are, our upbringing or personal opinions. Many of us don't recollect dreams when we wake up, and normally we feel energized. Sometimes we wake up feeling exhausted or tired, and it's due to the type of dream(s) we had during the night. The number of dreams we have during sleep varies from person to person. An important aspect of dreams is the symbolism incorporated in the experience. Symbolism is the way our subconscious mind communicates and the symbols in my dreams are different from yours due to the upbringing I had (traditional or cultural), as well as personal and influential beliefs. If for example Mr. X comes from a very traditional-minded family, and in his adult life he has religious tendencies, then his dreams will often have religious and cultural symbolism.

When we fall into deep sleep, it's because our bodies are physically and/or mentally exhausted. That doesn't mean that we don't dream. Due to exhaustion, our spiritual body requires an immense amount of energy to be regained, and even if we dream we don't remember due to the process taking place. Sometimes deep sleep may occur even if we are not exhausted. When that happens, then the dreams we have are of a psychic nature. Before we conclude or determine the type of dream we had, we must keep in mind that certain physical factors may transform a good dream into a bad one. Factors such as sleep posture, sleeping garments, the type of food we ate before sleep time, room temperature and our physical health can modify the true meaning of a dream into something else. Another thing to keep in mind is that all dreams are projections and these in turn are of different types. Below I'm briefly describing some of the dreams we have. Please note that my terminology might be different from others, but we all share the same knowledge.

LUCID DREAMS A Dream in which you know that you are dreaming is called a 'lucid dream'. It generally happens when you realize during the course of a dream that you are dreaming, perhaps because something strange or unexpected occurs. These types of dreams may reveal personal information as you observe the development of the dream through the expression of your feelings while being aware that you are dreaming. A lucid dream may develop directly or indirectly into an OBE. Sometimes during lucid dreaming we loose concentration for a brief period of time.
ORDINARY DREAMS They are created by ourselves as the reality we want. Dream reality is removed from physical reality as a prearranged series of events in which we play a role. It's like being an actor in a movie. However, there are different variations of ordinary or common dreams which differ due to personal desires or influential substances within the body. For example, if we are using a prescribed drug or medicine due to a certain illness, this might have certain side effects which the body is not accustomed to and when we dream, it may change the entire meaning of an experience. Other ordinary dreams are influenced due to our individual personality or desires.
NIGHTMARES Although a nightmare might shake us up, they should not be taken literally, as they may only be warning for a potential event. However, nightmares may also occur due to a preoccupation with solving a problem or if experiencing the side effects of a medicine we are taking. Certain foods can also trigger nightmares. Some bad experiences we had in the past could also be recalled by our subconscious mind in the present through nightmares. Nightmares are very different from reincarnation dreams that contain negative experiences.
When we are having an ordinary dream and some of the characters protect us, we are being contacted by our Spirit Guides. Protection may take shape through a helping hand or communication. The Entities in these dreams are in fact our Spirit Guides, which we all have throughout our lifetimes. When communication takes place we don't feel scared or shy as subconsciously we know them from other realities. These dreams differ from mediumship because they start and end as ordinary dreams, and in between we are introduced to Entities wishing to communicate.
Since we all belong to the same Origin, a person may have the same dream as another due to the Universal Consciousness we all share.
When the Astral Body separates itself from the physical self and travels to a particular place or event, the experience is referred to as an Out of Body Experience. OBEs are of many types, such as Interdimensional projection, NDEs and others.
PSYCHIC DREAMS Prophetic dreams or Veridical dreams - these dreams have a definite impact on us as we remember them quite vividly. They represent future events that are being foreseen or foretold.
Telepathic dreams - the dreamer receives information from another person, either living or dead, but pertaining to the present. The message may come from a distance.
Reincarnation dreams or past life dreams are dreams in which an individual sees himself/herself going through actions or places with which he or she is not familiar in present existence. These dreams differ from mystical experiences as they are normally in black and white. Mystical experiences of past lifetimes are a form of OBE and may be triggered through a form of trance or hypnotic regression. What we experience is very real.
Clairvoyant dreams - these dreams allows the dreamer to perceive things beyond the natural range of senses which trigger extrasensory perception (ESP). In other words the dream creates a keen intuitive understanding of places or events related or unrelated to the person.

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