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Chance makes a plaything of a man's life.
- Seneca; 1st Century AD

            Did you know that by the age of two you forget why you were born and why you came into this world? The conditioning of adults upon a new life is often so negative and critical, that you spend most of your life trying to remember who and what you are. When you interact with people, you are in a constant exchange of thoughts, followed by feelings that are expressed through tone of voice, facial expressions, and other body language.

At the same time you use your intuition, which is actually a form of Extrasensory Perception, or ESP. The term ESP describes phenomena that cannot be perceived through the five normal, canonical senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing). Intuition is the most basic form of psychic ability. Some people with keen intuition recognize this, and use their intuitive abilities as a stepping stone for furthering their psychic development. Other people fearfully turn their backs on their intuitive gifts, afraid that their abilities emanate from some dark source. In the West, psychic abilities are often scorned and those who claim to have them are seen as either schizophrenic by the scientific community or possessed by demons or some other devilish force by traditional religious groups.

A common prefix used in reference to parapsychology is Psi, which means "paranormal or psychic phenomena collectively." In general terms, a psychic is a person who can acquire information using ESP, or use psychokinesis (PK) to affect objects; some psychics also claim to have healing abilities. Psychic abilities are usually either present from birth, or triggered later in life by some traumatic physical or emotional experience.

There are four general categories of Extrasensory Perception:

  • Telepathy - The ability to communicate on a mind-to-mind basis, without using speech or other normal channels of communication. What the mind sees is not what the subconscious understands. The subconscious mind communicates by transmitting images, and it's a much faster and more efficient way to convey thoughts than the verbal languages we use in our daily lives. The three main types of telepathy are:
    1. Instinctual
    2. Mental
    3. Intuitional
    Most people don't consciously know they are telepathic due to social conditioning. We're taught early on to suppress our psychic abilities. But subconsciously, all people are telepathic either as a transmitter or a receiver. If you would like to know how telepathy works, here is a basic exercise to experiement with using one or more other people:
    Choose an object and meditate briefly upon it... What color and shape is it? How does it smell, taste, feel? Does it emit sounds? Then take an even deeper look:
    1. Study the object's form; study it symbolically, as a picture.
    2. Study it from the angles of quality, beauty, and desire.
    3. Study its underlying purpose and its mental appeal.
    4. Study its very being and try to identify with the object at a very deep level. Think of yourself being that color, shape, and so on.
    When you have reached this final stage, hold your consciousness steady at that high point as you (if you are a transmitter) send out the mental images to the receiver or the receiving group. Receivers should, to their best ability, try to clear their minds in order to be receptive to the mental images coming to them.
    Another form of telepathy can be used to influence people; it's known as Remote Influencing (RI). This can be done from great distances.
  • Clairvoyance - The psychic ability to see discarnate beings and spirits. Sometimes the term is also used to describe the visionary perception of future events. Clairvoyance in some ways resembles astral projection.
  • Precognition - The knowledge a person may have of another person's future thoughts, or of future events.
  • Retrocognition - The knowledge of past events in the absence of access to information about those events. It's the exact opposite of precognition.

A person may have a number of ESP abilities. Read about some additional types by following the link - ESP Abilities ESP Abilities.

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