'Thou Art is me
looking in the mirror,
as I see the past and future intertwining
as One reality bigger than Earth.

In an instant,
the fluid emotion of One Verse,
Intensifies into the Light
of a MultiVerse,
and in this
I exist as an Artist'.

- 9th November 2002

Dear Friends,

Danyel Seagan is a true global human, having lived on four continents at various times in his life. Danyel grew up under communism, and when he was a teenager his parents attempted to defect to the West. Danyel’s father was captured, while he and his mother escaped to freedom in Madrid, Spain, ultimately settling in Australia. Their dramatic escape eventually resulted in the mental breakdown of his mother, whom Danyel had to care for. These intense incidents, experienced while he was still a teenager, led him to ask questions that many do not ask until they are older, resulting in his early unusual psychic experiences.

Danyel has traveled through many realities in his psychic journeys, and has received numerous epiphanies. Some of his experiences and passions include astral projection (including interdimensional travel, remote viewing, remote influencing, and partial teleportation), paleo-SETI research, UFOs, international politics, comparative mythology, the idea of the collective human, and consciousness studies.

Danyel has shared some of this knowledge on AstralTraveler.com, a Web site he created that deals with issues of Cosmic Consciousness. More than 20 of his short essays are featured on the site, in addition to practical information on dreams, chakras, the I Ching and much more. Danyel is a futurist, metaphysical theorist, Reiki practitioner, and a spiritual intuitive.

The e-mails Danyel received about the writings on his Web site made him realize that many people are seeking an expanded awareness for the purpose of synchronizing all the Visions of Man into one meaning of Life. His book, Liquid Mind, more thoroughly explores his ideas, and he now shares his understanding and Vision of the ultimate experience – the Planetary Human.

We live in a Multidimensional Universe!
Welcome and Namaste!


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