ASTRAL TRAVELER was created through Art and Memory. Since I'm a Seer out of season with a Wish to Share a Vision, I thought of creating a site that is both mentally and visually stimulating to the most important person - you.

The intention of this site is to provide quality information of a neutral, nonreligious nature about certain metaphysical topics. It's a specialized site with topics in relation to the behavior of the Soul and provides insight into energy fields, realities, precognitive sciences, healing and other controversial theories. is meant to produce a surreal experience.

We are attempting to trigger the curiosity of readers who we hope will then seek to expand their knowledge with books on these topics.
As a service to the Internet community, we accept content contribution; for further infomation please visit the

Astral Traveler is an informational Web site that is designed to give readers just a taste of some of the most thought-provoking ideas of our times. Please NOTE that we do not offer counseling or advice, either psychological, astrological, or any other type.We only offer information as it appears on this site. If you want further information on these subjects, we suggest you visit the Links page, where you will find URLs to many sites, some of which explore these topics in more detail.

This site was created and is maintained by Danyel Seagan, a Futurist/Metaphysical theorist speaker whose book, Liquid Mind was published on February 28, 2003. Further information about Danyel's work may also be found by visiting the Web site for his book - Liquid Mind. provides information that lays the foundation for his thoughts on Human Consciousness.

You may create a link to this site or the Liquid Mind site by using one of our banner images on your site. Please notify us and let us know your URL if you create a link to one of our sites so we can check out your site - we're always seeking new inspiration. The HTML code you may use for the banner images is as follows:

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<font size="1" color="#FFFF00"><a href="" target="_top">Astral Traveler</a></font></p>

The same code can be used for the Liquid Mind banner (just change the image name from atbn.gif to lmbn.jpg).
If you are a novice in HTML and if you have a visual HTML editor such as MS FrontPage, Adobe PageMill or Macromedia Dreamweaver, you may copy either of the images below and create a hyperlink to our site.

Astral Traveler
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Astral Traveler
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I hope you enjoy your visit and since there is always room for improvement I welcome any comments or suggestions you might have at Astral Traveler Enquiries.

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